Are you considering hosting a jewelry party? Need quality fair-trade jewelry for your business? Silver Peace™ brand jewelry is made from natural semi-precious gemstones and genuine sterling silver - it is beautiful, affordable, worldly and has a conscience. Yes, you read it correctly!
And yes, we are different.
Social Responsibility
Silver Peace manufacturers and suppliers, as well as retailers that display the Silver Peace brand, all work with the ethics of a socially responsible business. Let’s face it, we live in a global economy and there is a growing disconnect between producers and consumers. In this paradigm you may never know for certain where your products are made or what is in it, not to mention how the workers who made it are treated. Read more -->

Quality Jewelry
Silver Peace jewelry is made by a handful of trusted artisan partners in Nepal, India, and Poland. We have been working with these partners for an average of about 6 years, some for 14 years. Click here to see samples from our Online Catalog. The artists that make the jewelry are not day laborers – they are skilled crafts- people and are treated as a valuable resource. Read more -->

Start Your Own Business
If you love this jewelry and you have ever dreamed of having your own business, here is your chance. Have fun, make some extra money and make a difference!
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